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Masiello, Martucci, Calabrese and Associates (MMCA) is a results-driven lobbying firm that, among its principals, has decades of collective experience leveraging political know-how for political action – and the results our clients need.

We’re proud of our Western New York roots and use them to our advantage, and that of our clients. Headquartered in Buffalo, MMCA understands the political and regulatory structure on which the success of your organization may hinge. The simple truth is that the fortunes of both public and private enterprises often rise or fall on the strength of the political skills brought to the table.

MMCA is especially tuned into the WNY and the upstate region which takes on particular significance in light of New York State’s stated objective of making Upstate New York a high priority under its economic revitalization program.

Economic development in Western New York and Upstate is a leading focus of Masiello, Martucci, Calabrese and Associates, and some of the client results we've achieved are alluded to in the testimonial section of this website.

Masiello, Martucci, Calabrese and Associates’ principals have the demonstrated ability to reach and educate elected officials and decision makers at the local, state and federal levels. Part of our job is to first educate you, our client, about the politics that shape public policy – some of it "academic," but part of it from a street-wise perspective of what it really takes to pry open often stuck political doors!

The other part of our job is providing policy makers with timely, accurate and credible information to promote the client organizations’ issues effectively. In large measure, MMCA is in the problem-solving business. By helping formulate strategies and plans of action tailored to our clients’ needs, we can create opportunities that will lead the way to the results you’re looking for.

Our range of expertise spans:

  • Intimate understanding of and commitment to Upstate & Western New York
  • Business development, planning and strategy
  • Real Estate development consulting services
  • Social meida, public relations and crisis communications planning services
  • Political consulting, including message development, strategies and tactics
  • Coalition Building
  • Ability to get directly in front of key decision makers
  • Meeting preparation and sharpened message execution
  • Legislation advocacy that works to your benefit
  • Healthcare issues
  • Homeland security and critical infrastructure protection
  • Environmental legislation and regulation
  • Energy and natural resources
  • Telecommunications
  • Regulatory issues
  • Federal and state appropriations

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